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Welcome to "Soul School," your one-stop shop for engaging, bite-sized online courses designed to spark your creativity and support your well-being journey!

Here, you'll find a unique blend of courses created by our passionate facilitators and talented community members. This collaborative approach ensures a tapestry of diverse perspectives and lived experiences, making each course fresh, enriching, and deeply relevant.

Whether you're a seasoned artist or just beginning to explore your creative side, "Soul School" offers something for everyone. So, dive in, learn from inspiring instructors, and connect with a supportive community as you unlock your full potential and build a more mindful, creative life.
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Open a whole world of creative learning

Empowering, Community-Led Learning: 

Forget stuffy lectures! Learn from passionate facilitators and talented community members who share their skills and wisdom in an open and supportive environment.

Unlock Your Creative Potential: 

Discover hidden talents, reignite your artistic spark, and explore diverse art forms, all designed to nourish your creativity and fuel your well-being.
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Bite-Sized Learning for Busy Lives:

Short, engaging courses fit seamlessly into your schedule, allowing you to learn new skills and explore creative expression without a huge time commitment.

Learn & Grow with a Supportive Tribe: 

Connect with a like-minded community on your creative journey. Share ideas, offer encouragement, and celebrate successes as you embark on a transformative learning experience.

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Our students love us

"Art and Soul Tribe are an asset to the community, this can be observed not only by the positive impact they have had on the development and integration of Sixth Form Hub students into the wider community but by the warmth and popularity the members of Art and Soul are embraced with by the local community" 
Carol metcalf
"Art & Soul Tribe's delivery is refreshing and impactful. We didn't really know what to expect, but the entire team was engaged throughout and felt empowered and inspired by the end of the day. We now have a new framework building for staff wellbeing and are reducing staff sickness and retention with new burnout strategies and communication methods. Would highly recommend a visit from the Tribe!"
John Whitcombe
“Art & Soul's approach is different and fun. All kinds of doubts are patiently solved irrespective of the age or background of the individual They offer a great opportunity to learn from and share expertise with people from all over the UK, and in fact around the globe. Huge thank you to the entire team.”
John Carter
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