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Recognising public need for support and education - not only for our most vulnerable members of society, but also for those working within the broken systems that attempt to solve societal issues, we decided to bring our friends together and form the CREW Alliance, which has now developed through the 2020 Covid-19 Crisis into the CREW Project

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Since early 2019 the Crew alliance, beginning with a group of 6, and doubling to now consist of 12 leaders within fields such as Health, Education, Social Prescribing, Disability, Social Care, Community Resilience,Mental Health & Alternative Education provision have been meeting monthly to identify, problem solve, and collaborate towards innovative solutions for our communities.

Realising that collaboration and co-production is far better than competition and conflict, and that with so much duplication and confusion it would be far better to band together with our independent experience and sector knowledge along with our tenacity and leadership skills.

The CREW are emerging as a positive force for change

In January 2020, the CREW team, led by Art & Soul Tribe, hosted a community consultation in Mold, Flintshire, packed out with residents from all across the county, we asked the people what they needed, discovered the real issues faced by our communities, and engaged with the people to identify and evaluate some real solutions.

The outcomes from the consultation can be found here: 

The main findings were that people felt that there was a lack of information, support and inadequate and often unreliable services. Issues highlighted included the fact that people are disconnected from each other, support and help, and the environment.

Local people were concerned about declining mental health and community cohesion, increasing negativity and unnecessary toxic drama, unequal distribution of power and wealth, media manipulation, and the continued cloak and dagger corruption from larger organisations and institutions.

The rise in inequality, injustice and exclusion whilst the confusing media perception of government success seems to be leaving individuals and communities left to 'fend for themselves' and accept that 'this is just their lot'

Offering a glimmer of hope that there are strong Third Sector leaders who are ready to link together to create innovative, sustainable, community led solutions was CREW's promise to the consultation group, and the following weeks saw the Alliance formulating, analysing and collaborating on ideas for projects, support networks and better signposting to what is already out there.

Then in March 2020, the Covid-19 Pandemic threw the world into chaos.

Fortunately, we are a resilient and highly reactive bunch, so we instantly set about bringing our plans forward and creating a collaborative and informative website which went live within the first week of Lockdown. The CREW have developed a 12 page self-help booklet and are working to distribute these to the most isolated and vulnerable members of the community, linking in with our amazing Third Sector friends and Local Authority via our collaborative CREW networks.

We promise that the issues raised back in January remain our front priority- and will continue to develop through digital support spaces while we are all on lockdown. When the world regains it's balance and all is well once again, we aim to create strong and collaborative community networks, projects and leadership support for those out on the front line.

Take a look at the CREW Self-Help Hub, set up specifically for the Covid-19 Crisis, and ready to develop into a comprehensive signposting and support space beyond.

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