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Once upon a time........

 ....... way back in 2015, there was a one off show in Liverpool, full of glitz, glamour and grit, aimed at celebrating diversity and inclusion and stamping out bullying.



The people of the land were so inspired by the little show that they asked for more. They wanted to bring their families, friends and children and share the love and hope.



Eventually, the people realised that they had the power to change the future of their land by coming together and showing empathy, compassion, tolerance and kindness, and that by supporting each other, sharing knowledge and skills, and creating community cohesion with projects, workshops and events that not only inspired collective change, but also supported resilient mental health and well-being for the people, they could create a change in the negative culture of modern society.


Art And Soul Tribe CIC was born.


Led by the Tribe Chiefs, no subject is off the table, no issue is taboo, and everything The Tribe tackles is met with strength, hope, love and compassion. Nobody is excluded, and nothing is impossible - in fact, to The Tribe, the very word says 'I'm Possible'


Art And Soul Tribe is ageless, genderless, shape, size and colour-less, socio-economic background-less, religion-less and any other 'less' you can think of.


Some of their current projects include inspirational creative sessions to empower and give new skills and purpose to:


*Vulnerable Young People within our Schools   *Military Veterans and their families   *Those recovering from drug/alcohol addiction  

 * Young people considered vulnerable to exploitation/radicalisation/gang culture & knife crime * Those who are lonely & isolated  *Families  *Asylum Seekers *Traveller Communities * Disability groups (including hidden disabilities and scarring/disfigurement)

 * Those with learning difficulties and those who are considered NEET (not in employment, education or training) * LGBTQ+   *Neurodiversity   * Our Homeless Communities    * Workplaces  *Community Leaders    



The Tribe now produce community resilience and wellbeing shows and events across the North West and North Wales, alongside 12 week community resilience education projects and programmes to inspire, educate and motivate the people.


And so, with their warrior spirits and hearts of pure gold, The Tribe are on a mission to make sure that each and every person lives happily ever after



......... The End?



..........Absolutely not - This is just the beginning.

'Stories have the power to create social change and inspire community'

-Terry Tempest Williams






6 Camrose Close, Deeside, United Kingdom


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