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Social Change In Action

Once upon a time........

 ....... way back in 2015, there was a one off show in Liverpool,  full of glitz, glamour and grit, aimed at celebrating diversity and inclusion and stamping out bullying.



The people of the land were so inspired by the little show that they asked for more. They wanted to bring their families, friends and children and share the love and hope.



Eventually, the people realised that they had the power to change the future of their land by coming together and showing empathy, compassion, tolerance and kindness, and        that by supporting each other, sharing knowledge and skills, and creating community cohesion with projects, workshops and events that not only inspired collective change, but also supported resilient mental health and well-being for the people, they could create a change in the negative culture of modern society.


Art And Soul Tribe CIC was born.


Led by the Tribe Chiefs, no subject is off the table, no issue is taboo, and everything The Tribe tackles is met with strength, hope, love and compassion. Nobody is excluded, and nothing is impossible - in fact, to The Tribe, the very word says 'I'm Possible'


Art And Soul Tribe is committed to providing a platform and a voice for marginalised, excluded, and exploited groups, and individuals who have faced inequality and discrimination. 


Some of their current projects include inspirational courses, workshops, projects and events designed to educate, empower and give new skills and purpose. We place particular focus and emphasis on those who identify within the 9 protected characteristic categories. Some of our projects include:


*Vulnerable Young People within our Schools   *Military Veterans and their families   *Those recovering from drug/alcohol addiction  

 * Young people considered vulnerable to exploitation/radicalisation/gang culture & knife crime * Those who are lonely & isolated  *Families  *Asylum Seekers *Traveller Communities * Disability groups (including hidden disabilities and scarring/disfigurement)

 * Those with learning difficulties and those who are considered NEET (not in employment, education or training) * LGBTQ+ Community   *Education & Empowerment around  Neurodiversity * Our Homeless Communities   

 * Workplaces  *Community Leaders    



'Soul School' is our framework for alternative education provision, now available digitally as well as in person in order to maximise accessibility and reach.


With the launch of 'Tribe Fest' seasonal community events and festivals we aim to

co-produce with our communities and hold safe spaces to showcase and celebrate the            achievements of the people we work with throughout the year.


And so, with their warrior spirits and hearts of pure gold, The Tribe are on a mission to make sure that each and every person lives happily ever after



......... The End?



..........Absolutely not - This is just the beginning.

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Our passion is Education.

Working in the heart of communities throughout North East Wales and the North West of England, and now fully digital to reach even more people across the globe, our mental health resilience and wellbeing, employability and life skills courses and workshops provide vital support for people who are experiencing barriers with regard to their mental and physical health, employment status and social situation. 


We work closely with local authorities, businesses and other charitable organisations to support them in their mission to become accessible, empowering and supportive. Our corporate training includes Safeguarding levels 1 and 3, Accessibility, Diversity & Inclusion, and First Aid For Mental Health.

Our Community Resilience & Wellbeing Events

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Unique entertainment & event management for all occasions!


Our Tribe are made up of international industry professionals making Soul Cirque the ultimate entertainment team in the UK.

With artists including Arielle Firecracker, Little Peaches, Kitty Devereaux and Dubmonkey you can book individual artists, a small team or the whole circus!

Artists include: Hosts, Circus performers, Burlesque Artistes, Dancers, Vocalists, Musicians and Bands, Promo staff, festival & vintage Hair and Makeup teams, Venue dressing, Chocolate Fountain/Sweet Ferris wheel, Photographers, Videographers, DJ's/Tech crew.

After years of delivering community events and consulting with our local communities, we have now started to build our very own festival! Tribe Fest will be the first family friendly, inclusive, eco-friendly community cohesion event to head out on a roadshow across North Wales and the North West.

We aim to create workshops, activities and entertainment developed by the community, for the community and invite community groups and projects from all across the Mersey Dee Alliance area in which we are connected.


Media & Tech Support

Our Media department are on hand to capture any event from personal to corporate, from professional photography to film making, live streaming, podcasts,

sound & lighting and everything in between. Another of our trading elements to support our passion for community benefit, the team are ready to visit your organisation to capture and showcase you whilst hitting your own Corporate Social Responsibility aims.

Soul Cirque

'Stories have the power to create social change and inspire community'

-Terry Tempest Williams


We would love to welcome you as an official Tribe Member. For the cost of a couple of cups of coffee, you can subscribe to our membership scheme and access over £500 worth of online courses and support, free tickets to events, and a Tribe members only summer family day!

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