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Take a look at some of our Tribe Warriors.

From the Tribe Elders who founded the organisation and work to build on the strategic vision for Social Chage, to the Tribe Council and our Chiefs who run and manage the creative elements and fundraising.

We have Tribe Artists who come together and use their collective skills during our shows and events, and some who work in the background, volunteering for events and projects throughout the year,

You can take a closer look at all of our Artists - we would love to give something back to them by promoting their awesome freelance services, and all are available to book privately for your event, just drop them a message!

Of course we have a whole collection of Tribe Warrior members who remain privately doing their thing, supporting with their membership, coming along to shows and engaging with our social media activity to spread the word.

Together we are Stronger.



Our Tribe: Welcome
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Tribe Council


Our Tribe: Homepage_about
Our Tribe: Homepage_about
Our Tribe: Homepage_about
Our Tribe: Homepage_about


Launching in 2019!
Our Tribe: Homepage_about
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