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Our founding Patrons make up our Tribe Council. A diverse cross section of wonderful people all with different skills, stories and experiences to bring to the table and keep us on the right track, laser focussed and true to our mission.


Vicki 'Silver' Smith

Creative Director

As well as being an awesome performer for AFF, Vicki has a leading role on the Tribe Council as our show Creative Director, LGBTQ+ representative, blog writer, and produces our YouTube 'Couch Chats', interviewing fellow Tribe members and associates on their opinions regarding our work and current world events. One busy lady!

Inch 2.jpg

Peadar Carragher

Positivity Master

AKA 'Inch'. Our inspirational guru struts his stuff on the runway and also helps run The Black Dog Project and has walked the walk when it comes to depression, anxiety & addiction, sharing his story to help motivate others to climb out of their dark place and into the light.

A true warrior of the highest order.


Vicky McLeod

Fundraising Manager

As well as rocking our runway with her awesome curves, Vicky is a master when it comes to organising fundraising events. As Chair of Foxfield PTA and actively involved with groups such as the Sea Cadets, Vicky works with Megan, Maddi and Louise to form our fundraising SWOT team.

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Gill Chennells-Pierce

Funding Advisor & LGBTQ+ Parent

Gill has been a supporter from day one. Mum to the beautiful Zoe Pierce, our first transgender model, Gill helps to run The Butterfly Project and is on hand to help offer a parents perspective on all LGBTQ matters, and in her day to day background she has a wealth of experience with funding & grant applications for charitable causes.


Amy Griffiths

 Corporate Sponsorship Brand Management and Disability ambassador

Amy is passionate about our cause and on a mission to create links with like minded organisations.

Funding is key for our organisation so grant applications and corporate sponsorship are Amy's area.

Living with a disability and managing daily life as well as recently starting a family within a same sex relationship gives Amy a ton of experience across several of our key areas so she's always on hand to advise!


Susey Phoenixx

Logistics Advisor

Susey has a wealth of experience within her own business, from administration to online visibility.

As well as providing some awsome fashion design pieces for our shows Susey is also on hand with strategic advice.

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Tribe Council: TeamMember

Bri Mansy

Official Photographer & Concepts

Bri has been with Jane since before AFF was even a concept! There for the very first meeting, and the brains behind many of the social concept shoots you can find on this site, including our positive body image ladies shoot inspired by Rubens and the 'Golden Statue' homelessness shoot.

As well as his role as chief tog at shows and shots Bri can regularly be found out on the streets of Liverpool documenting and helping the homeless with various organisations including The Starfish Project


John Bird

Media Consultant

John's day job is producing film and social media awareness for Liverpool Pride, which is where we met him!

Our mission resonated with John and he immediately jumped on board, getting involved with our male positive body image shoot and tackling Piers Morgan on the Good Morning Britain Sofa with Nick and Stephen!

James and Josh.jpg

James Nimmo & Josh Poole

Film Crew

James & Josh have been our official film crew since we began in 2015 - giving up their time at shows and shoots to capture what we do so beautifully.

Both talented artists in their own right, The Tribe wouldn't be the same without this double act!

Tribe Council: TeamMember

Nick & Manda Gregory

Festival/Radio/Band relationships & Textiles Artist

The brother & sister duo are Ambassadors of all things Alt Fashion Fest.

Both have graced our runway, with Nick our regular compare & host.

The pair are busy building links with bands and festivals and Nick's profile as local radio DJ helps us massively with exposure.

Manda is currently designing our brand new AFF backdrop!


Melissa Buckwell & Kit Johnson

Mental Health Support

Both Melissa & Kit are frequently found on our runway, but they both share something else in common - their professional roles within the mental health profession.

Both of these lovely ladies help to run The Black Dog Project with practical support and links to relevant organisations as well as helping to make sure our policies and procedures are correct and up to date.


Becky Wiseman

Corporate mental health specialist

Not only does Becky grace our stage with her insane pole skills, but she has also developed a scheme to support The Black Dog Project and assist local businesses with their staff mental health well-being.

After suffering for many years with anxiety herself, Becky noticed a distinct lack of  real support within organisations for invisible illness.

She is keen to use Art & Soul Tribe as a platform to get into companies and speak with people to dispel the stigma attached with mental health issues and encourage people to talk more.

Tribe Council: TeamMember


Our video journey

Tribe Council: Welcome

Annette Khepri

High performance business coach, conscious leadership mentor, author, speaker & founder of The Quantum Dojo

Wayne Barrow.jpg

Wayne Barrow

TV Presenter & Sign Language educator

Jenna downing 2.jpg

Jenna Downing

World Champion inline skater & female role model

Tribe Council: TeamMember
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