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We want to improve and need your help!

We work hard to be as diverse and inclusive as we can, but we recognise that we aren't there yet and we don't always get it right and would love to get better at supporting communities.

We are proud to have grown into an organisation with heart and soul, from an abstract idea of social inclusion, tolerance, acceptance and equality to being able to create safe spaces and conversations to help us to work towards those goals.

We are actively looking for individuals and community groups to come forward and work with us in creating a kinder, more compassionate, empowering and supportive world for our future generations, helping us to fill the gaps that we have and create more and more volunteer and employment opportunities as we go.

Please feel free to get in touch using the contact page or fill in our poll below to let us know what matters most to you.

Our Diversity, Inclusion & Equal Opportunities Champion: Lindy Witkowska

Take a look at our equal opportunities policy here: 

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