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Lindy is our Tough Mudder 🔥

If you look up the dictionary definition of 'Tough Cookie' this is it. Our Lindy. Tenacious, powerful, resilient and with a heart of pure gold.

Most people don't know the story behind our pocket rocket ..... our very own tough mudder. The sheer willpower to get up some mornings and power on ahead juggling motherhood, chronic pain, seizures, grief and Masters level further education pressure to boot.

Her tireless work coordinating and planning our community projects, and bringing the TribeFest vision to life just shows the level of commitment to the cause that this incredible firecracker has. ( I know I'm biased but every word is true!)

This year, to help us on our mission out of the financial crisis that the pandemic and cost of living crisis has found us in - Lindy decided that she had enough spare time on her hands (😬) to complete 100K of Tough Mudders on top of all that!

To say we are proud is a huge understatement. We've seen her up at the crack of dawn travelling the length and breadth of the country, in all weathers, climbing walls and crawling through swamps, collecting headbands as she goes.

Please take a moment to read the full blog post and Lindy's incredible story below. We love you woman. Never stop being you ❤️


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