....... Well that's not what we expected!

We did not see this one coming.

2020 was supposed to be a new start, a fresh beginning, the chance to flourish and grow?!!

Hold on. Wait a minute. That's exactly what it is.

Covid-19 lockdown has thrown us kicking and screaming into the history books, with fear, media manipulation, conspiracy theories, government and medical squabbles, and local authority chaos.

Third sector organisations however have come into their own.

All of those amazing people who have worked tirelessly, often for very little or no money, just a pure will and herculean drive to support and protect vulnerable members of society, and groups who are consistently let down, and abandoned by the very institutions that were created to look after them.

Social enterprises and charitable organisations up and down the country have been rolling their sleeves up and battling on the front line for years, whilst government and corporate fat cats procrastinate around their executive walnut boardroom tables about what may or may not be in the best interests of the people that they will never come into contact with and are so far removed from, that they could not possibly imagine in their wildest dreams what the impact of their careless decisions will have.

Now is the time for communities to rise. While the powers that be squabble amongst themselves about who is right and who has the best solutions, WE the people are coming together in synergy to realise the true power of collaboration over competition, and of cooperation over conflict.

This may be the worst event to hit mankind since records began, but rather than letting no good come of it, lets use it to create a new shift in the way we behave towards one another, and this beautiful planet we live on.

Mother nature has literally given us a time out to have a good hard think about what we've done. The chance to step out of all that we know and create something bright and shiny and new.

Third sector leaders this is a call to you all. It's time to show what we're made of. It's time to empower our communities and light the touch paper that will spark millions of brand new lights that have been hiding in the shadows of fear, pain, suffering, oppression and the crippling low self worth that has been the unseen pandemic all this time.

I am so grateful for everything that we have experienced so far, as it's all part of our growth and development, painful parts and all. I am devastated for those who have lost, angry for those who are being made to suffer, and hopeful for a new future on the horizon.

But most of all I am grateful. Truly grateful for all that I have, and all that I have learned so far. I for one will never take anything for granted ever again.

J x

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