The Most Important Relationship

The most important relationship you will ever be in is the one with yourself.

Your understanding of yourself will constantly change as you grow and build upon your foundations of knowledge, just as your ability to draw connections to the world around you will become more apparent. You live life with expectations based upon the groundings of society and the history that comes along with it. Our fore-people have built a conscious pathway for us to travel on, but we will inherently keep digging, keep building and keep making new discoveries. Each and every one of us has a past. Each and every one of us has an ancestral connection with some form of freedom fighter. No matter the culture you are borne into, the country you reside or the race in which your skin depicts; you have a story.

As humans, we identify with those whom we feel a connection with. Connections reside regardless of our background or our upbringing. There are people you will meet in life that will become more important to the growth of your soul than someone you perceived to be what you needed. There are people you will never meet, yet you will be influenced by them in a way you would of thought to be unattainable. Influential beings are all around us and they nourish our souls and our growth in ways we may not even recognise. These are the people we value in our journey to love and discovery. These are the people we are in an un-labeled relationship with. This is true love.

Love in the conventional sense is seen to be something shared between partners, or family members, or platonic friends. Love is seen to be both a healer and a destroyer of connections. Love is seen to be the most powerful force we as humans are capable are permitting. There is just one problem with all of these notions: they do not see the value of loving yourself. Our society as it stands pushes the belief that the connection with others is more beneficial to our health and growth than anything, yet it does not take into consideration how important it is to love yourself. Self-value should be at the forefront of any persons life skills menagerie. Self-knowledge should be at the forefront of growth. Self-awareness at the forefront of intuition and self-love the base of life.

It should not be seen that your value is more important than any other person on this planet, yet you should undoubtedly value yourself enough to prove to other people that you are undeniably important. To truly show and receive love, you first need to appreciate your own worth and love yourself for all that you are and all that you have been. Knowing yourself for everything you have is life’s biggest achievement, but loving yourself for all that comes with it can be life’s biggest struggle.

To love yourself, all sides of you, in each and every corner and under each and every social umbrella is truly the most rewarding relationship you will ever find yourself in. It is the relationship that will help you grow, encourage you to challenge the world around you and increase your ability to love and appreciate others. It is this relationship that will bring you to a realisation that you yourself can be that influential human to those who meet you and those who never will.

Making your relationship with yourself the most important one for you, will be the best decision you have ever made.

Learn about you.

Accept you.

Value you.

Praise you.

Be you.

Love you.

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