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On the 27th September 2017, we called upon some of the members of the Art & Soul tribe to form the next in line of our campaigns for social change. On this day, after much planning and brainstorming, we collaborated to combat the ugly idea that fur is beautiful.

Somebody once said to me that “For me, wearing fur pays a beautiful tribute to the animal it came from, by using it to make me look beautiful.”

This idea is absurd to me and my only response can be in the form of a beautiful quote by Osho;

“If you love a flower, leave it be, for if you pick it, it dies and ceases to be what you loved. Love is not about possession, love is about appreciation”

It is the animals who are beautiful and we can appreciate them without killing them. When I see somebody wearing fur, all I see is the brutal murder of an animal who wanted to live. The cruelty endured by these fur-bearing animals is unimaginable by most. The most popular animal furs in UK and US are that of foxes, minks and rabbits, however without even realising it, many of those who wear fur are in fact often wearing cat, dog or raccoon, particularly when the furs have been imported from China. Each year over 1 billion rabbits and more than 50 million other animals are horrifically murdered in the name of the fur industry. In order to protect the quality of the fur, these innocent animals are killed by either genital or anal electrocution, being skinned alive or gassed in confinement. Wild coyotes, foxes, raccoons and skunks are often captured in leg-hold traps causing unimaginable pain and can be trapped there for days before their capturer returns to find them. I recently read about a coyote who was caught in one of these hideous contraptions and resorted to chewing through her own leg in an attempt to be able to return to her pups! The cruelty of humankind seems to know no bounds. We rely on the compassion of those we can reach to do something to put an end to this horrific industry. Despite fur farms having been banned in the UK almost 15 years ago, the import of fur is still at large, worth almost £500m a year in the UK alone.

If we do nothing in situations of injustice, we are standing on the side of the oppressor. To do nothing, changes nothing. Let’s do something about it! -

(Katey Elizabeth 28.09.2017)

"Now do you see me, as I have no words and you dont hear my cries, but would you hear me if I was your mother, your daughter, your sister and you hurt me for your vanity.."

(Bri Mansys 28.09.2017)

The fashion industry is relentless in the use of animal fur for consumer evolution, disregarding animals rights and welfare globally. We CAN change this. We CAN take a stand and create a better world.

Please view the entire process for this shoot via our youtube channel at

If you would like to actively help make changes please follow the link to sign a government petition to ban the sale of animal fur in the UK:

If you have been affected by this campaign and wish to air your views, thoughts or opinions please comment and share this post with the hashtag


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