Dear Religion,

Dear Religion,

I have no problem with you, or the powers you believe in. I have no issues with your words of faith. I see no fault in the texts you produce or the comfort you provide. I feel no malice towards to upbringing of humans under your warrant. I seek no revenge on your acts of love.

I have no problem because the issues do not fall to your core.

I do have problems with the individuals taking it upon themselves to blame you and your teachings for their own personal acts of selfish wanton greed. I seek resolve for the members of society with whom it lies to bring the downfall of humanity. I feel discomfort in the knowledge that there are in fact people who feel it is their right to blame you for their behaviour, for their anger, for their lack of educated knowledge. I feel for you. I feel for your children who are honest and true to your intent. I hear my heart break at each moment of terror brought to another human being wherein the blame is brought back to you.

I praise you for your resolve. I praise you for your grounded understanding of life and love. I praise you for your unhindered upbringing of the majority of society.

I do not hold on to one singular faith within religion, but I value you.

Dear Religion,

Thank you

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