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Our inspirational associates

Don't be fooled by the title! When we speak of 'Elders' we speak in terms of knowledge, experience and wisdom, key players in the shaping of our organisation.

Conscious leaders who bring specialist skills from their own businesses to collectively raise the success of all.

Together we are stronger

Tribe Elders: TeamMember

Annette Khepri

High performance business coach, conscious leadership mentor, author, speaker & founder of The Quantum Dojo

Annette has worked with Jane for a number of years, and is the force behind the indomitable spirit of Art & Soul Tribe.

Annette, who is an author, speaker and ex Team GB martial arts champion says:

"Art & Soul Tribe combines stellar creativity with heart and soul philanthropy, bringing people together to celebrate our  eclectic, beautiful human diversity. A&S is at the cutting edge of social change and I encourage everybody to get involved, be ther change you wish to see, and we'll see you on tour!

To find out more about Annett'es work and The Quantum Dojo (including Jane's personal favourite 'The Quantum Challenge') head over to and take a look!

Wayne Barrow.jpg

Wayne Barrow

TV Presenter & Sign Language educator

Born and raised in Birmingham, with two wonderful deaf parents Wayne started his career as a hairdresser, before realising his passion for presenting. Once he found his niche, his career went from strength to strength with the following credits to his name:

  • Rocks & Co (TV Presenter)

  • Show Real (Host)

  • Midlands Fashion Awards (Presenter)

  • Question One (Quizmaster)

  • Moonshine Raceway (Host)

  • Mr & Miss UK 2016 (Host)

  • EXPO (Presenter)

  • Food Fest (Presenter)

  • The Hump (Presenter)

  • Gemporia (TV Presenter)

  • The Clothes Show Live (Presenter)

  • Cannock Radio (Radio Presenter)

Wayne says:

I wanted to team up with Art & Soul Tribe because our core values and missions seemed to tie together in harmony. As someone who comes from a unique upbringing with profoundly deaf parents and being part of the LGBTQ community, it was just a match made in heaven! I strongly believe that everyone should be given equal opportunities and should be treated with respect, and Art & Soul Tribe promote that exact value that we should all naturally have instilled in one another. It’s causes like this that make our world a better place to live in.

Jenna downing 2.jpg

Jenna Downing

World Champion inline skater & female role model

Inline skating champion Jenna Downing is none other than the 2008 LG Action Sports World Champion, 10 x British Champion and is a X-Games silver medallist (2002). All by the age of 21! A natural competitor, Jenna has competed in rollerblading events since the tender age of 8 and has amassed a lifetime of awards competing across the globe in televised and major international events. After turning professional at the age 12 (making Jenna the youngest female skater in the world to ever turn pro) there was no stopping her and Jenna has gone on to become an institution in British rollerblading. Her Sporting Ambassador award (2004) and her UK Freesports Athlete of the year award (2005) are testament to her fantastic ability and commitment to her chosen sport. Jenna was also one of four young people in the country nominated for the Nickelodeon Inspirational Young Person Award in 2012 and was winner of the UKRA Legacy Award 2012.

Jenna is an excellent role model for young women. Through her coaching clinics and, indeed, her amazing success she demonstrates that hard work and commitment can allow you to achieve, both personally and professionally. In the last 10 years Jenna has travelled to many countries across Europe, the Middle East, Australia and the USA to compete and represent the UK. She has also appeared in numerous TV programmes and commercials, computer games, in fashion magazines and the national press

Tribe Elders: TeamMember


Matts background is in photography, but his current role as co founder of The Freelancer Club is the reason he decided to get involved with Art & Soul Tribe. 

Trailblazing the way forward for creative entrepreneurs and inspiring artists with his strong message of self worth and valuing your trade - the organisation plays a key role in supporting our people.

Matt says: 

'The Freelancer Club has been supporting creative individualism from day one. Not only do we showcase freelancer's work, facilitate connections and source paid work for our members, but we fight against the exploitation of unpaid work in the creative industry through our campaign, #NOFREEWORK

The projects taking place at Art & Soul Tribe align perfectly with our campaign and we commend their hard work creating social change.

* Look out for Janes interview with The Freelancer Club, on her 20 yea experience juggling life as a freelancer and mum of four.

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Sylvia mc.jpg


At age 3, Syliva suffered major burns to her body and almost lost her life. The resulting scars plagued her life and resulted in bullying, low self esteem and no confidence during her childhood and teens, and alcoholism, depression and suicidal thoughts as an adulthood. 

The same scars have also been the fire which has forged the warrior she is today. Changing her mindset her perspective, Sylvia now uses her experiences, from childhood bullying to being scouted my a model agency and then cast aside when they found out she had scars - she decided to change the way people view scars and offer support to those experiencing similar stories.

Founding LoveDisfigure this year to share her story, inspire others and celebrate everyone, we are so happy to have her on board as a Tribe Elder and Ambassador and are looking forward to working closely together to raise self esteem and stop anyone having to go through what she had to endure.

Sylvia: "I am really excited to become an ambassador for Art & Soul Tribeas many of the people I support have very little self-esteem and lack confidence. This is a wonderful group of people that come together and celebrate their bodies and this is exactly what I encourage in my group. I am very happy to be a part of the Art & Soul Tribe thanks to the lovely Jane Bellis"

Tribe Elders: Homepage_about
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