Weeds & Seeds!

2019 was an interesting year for The Tribe. After 4 years of blood, sweat, tears and no funding we realised that we could not sustain, let alone grow, unless we took a step back, took a good look from above rather than from inside the trenches, and work out who we really were and where we wanted to go.

The year was a constant strategic planning session with not so much in the way of visibility or events, but a lot of behind the scenes soul searching work weeding out the old that didn't serve, and even damaged us, and planting new seeds to nurture and grow.

Piloting projects and courses such as our Military Veterans Creative Arts & Community engagement event (full details in Community Projects section), and several tough education and wellbeing projects with NEET young people (not in education, employment or training)

We spent time figuring out what we were best at, and what our gifts were that we could offer the world in order to make a real difference, and realised the stark truth that in our attempt to educate, inspire and motivate communities in need, we had become trapped in the cycle of being shaped and shifted from what we're good at, to fit a model designed by the very same broken systems that created the problems we were being asked to fit.

Definitely not our style! Conforming to the mainstream has never been our bag, so it surprised us to reflect during 2019 and realise that we were becoming another institution operating out of alignment of our values and vision, and trying to create solutions working with the flawed logic and often (dare I say it) corrupt plans of outdated systems.

So with the lightbulb moments of 2019, and the planting of new seeds ready to get back on track and create some REAL change within our communities, what would 2020 bring for The Tribe?!!!

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