DisabiliTease - The most inspirational & empowering stories from some truly amazing women

It takes a lot to make me leak water from my eyes........... but these guys did it.

Created by the amazing Little Peaches, a group of badass, inspirational women came together on Thursday 28th May 2020, and with the help of our very own superwoman performer/producer Arielle Firecracker hosted the most amazing online, fully accessible Burlesque cabaret show, and it was such a privilege to be an audience member.

This show opens the door and truly evens the playing field, not only by providing a safe, accessible and supportive platform for performers with disabilities, but also for audiences who may have previously been unable to access such amazing, inspirational and empowering performances.

To be able to access this kind of event from the comfort of your own home, with a glass of wine or a cuppa, in your Pj's, a ball gown or a fancy dress outfit, with your camera on or off, makes Disabilitease the most innovativeand truly inclusive space I have come across to date.

I for one will be 100% supporting my little peachy warrior friend all the way when it comes to shining the light on this awesome platform.

A Little background on Little Peaches: Host and burlesque warrior

International burlesque performer and advocate for accessibility within the performing arts. Little Peaches has been booked and published in 9 different countries around the world, is the producer of the very first DisabiliTease in the UK and co-producer of the worldwide sell out show: The Secret Circus. 18 months ago, a serious flare up of several of her medical conditions left her unable to dance. Being the stubborn renegade stripper that she is, Little Peaches grabbed her wheelchair and re-trained herself to dance with wheels. She vows to break doctors orders for as long as possible while shaking her peach (which is certainly more than one of your 5 a day)!

More about DisabiliTease: Performers with disabilities are often overlooked for shows because they may need a little extra help when it comes to making the show accessible for them. That may be having wheelchair or walking aid access, assistance with travel, assistance to and from the stage to aid with visual impairments, BSL interpreters or a quiet space to retreat to if they are feeling overwhelmed. These little things can be surprisingly easy to put into place but more often than not, they aren't. After a very successful sold-out show in Liverpool, England, which left people begging for more, Little Peaches is going digital to give performers from further afield a platform. The goal is not only to showcase their talent but also to show other producers how wonderful these performers are and that they are worthy of that little extra effort to get them onto their stages.

Delight your eyes and ears with burlesque, musical comedy, stunning songstress’s, circus acts, comedy and more!

Here's a run down of the awesomeness that was DisabiliTease May 2020!

Our very own Arielle Firecracker kicked things off in style with her usual blend of sass and glamour - she is always an absolute thrill to watch and this was no exception! What a way to open the show! @ariellefirecracker

Next up was the ridiculously sassy Piggy Rox with her 'You don't own me' act which began with a hospital gown and crutches and ended with Piggy in all of her curvy glory, showing women everywhere that a "Fierce fat disabled rebel babe, shaking what gluttony and my mama gave me.Slaying with sass shoving body everywhere. Fighting illness 🦓 on the daily 💋" truly deserves a stage and a spotlight! @piggy_rox

We saw Lady Phoenix (affectionately known as 'Lady P' as I could see encouraging crowd comments popping up like crazy in the zoom chat!), belting out her 'This is Me' with such emotion and audience interaction I truly felt as though she were singing her soul out to me through the screen. @lady_phoenix_rr

Noeline La Bouche had everyone's eyes out on stalks like cartoon characters when she shook her stuff to her 'I'm Shakin' routine. With her super skills in twirling those pasties one by one!! Seriously!! @noelinelabouche

The beautiful and talented Rosie Verbose sang and played a song that had me crying with laughter, all about her thoughts on disability and sex, with reference to not comparing sex to porn - or ourselves to pornstars! So so funny but so damned relatable to all of us! I would love to see Rosie on a big festival headline stage!

Fifi La Roux graced our presence with a truly Foxy appearance which was not only genius in it's concept, but executed perfectly with a brilliant blend of comedy, creativity and performance. Such a breath of fresh air I can't wait to see her again!

The funniest woman I've seen in a long time, La Nina joined us from Australia as the Disability Pirate, with her clever words making people cry with laughter, yet the resonance of her story about struggling with day to day life with disabilities, in particular the traumatic experiences by women across the globe when it comes to living with incontinence really hitting home in such a clever and artistic way. Bravo-ho-ho!

The highlight for me, and where the tears truly came, was the incredible, stunning, performance by Erin Ball, who's story telling of her own journey to losing the lower part of both legs was the most powerful performance piece I think I've ever seen. Starting the journey beneath a sheet following her accident, and using gymnastic/circus skills and movement to relay the harrowing moments of realisation of what had happened, and her subsequent journey to accepting her wheelchair which culminated in the ultimate empowered finale shot of beautiful blue smoke flares attached to her prosthetics while she span beautifully in her chair. Simply and utterly stunning. @erinballcircus

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