A Letter from Mother Earth

" My Children, can you not see, this earth was made to please,

A precious gift to be enjoyed, to walk the lands and sail the seas.

You're hurting me, it tortures me, my will is all but gone.

I plead with you to see the pain, a change needs only one!

Your pretty plastic packaging and the trash you toss my way,

pollutes our delicate oceans so the sea life cannot stay.

Your ignorance, your way of life, your hunger for the flesh of the dead,

Is piece by piece destroying me, you're building my death bed.

I gave you the dirt in the earth, the wind in the air, the tides that dance with the land,

but the creatures that roam and embrace what is given seem to better understand.

I'm at a loss with what to do, I fear my time is nearly done,

appreciate what once was loved- the green grass and warm caress of the sun.

You place to much value on things, and stuff, and nothings you think you need,

Will you wait 'til the last tree has fallen to see that these things don't allow you to breathe?

You fight and fall for beliefs in Gods that you trust have created your existence,

Only too late will you realise that with all of your hate and persistence-

That the lives you took, the lands you destroyed and the nature that is no more,

were in fact the very Gods you believed you were fighting for?

You breathe with lungs, you feel a touch, your ability to think and feel is something you can't deny,

You live to love, you laugh, you feel, you fear, you hurt, you cry-

So why, when your path crosses another being, a sentient, living friend,

do you see some mistaken right to bring it's life to a vicious end?

Every being has a desire to live, whether you value it or not,

Each screams and fights 'til it's last breath, only unwanted organs left to rot.

Some animals you breed, enslave and slaughter,

All the while teaching your sons and daughters,

That what has been will always be,

meanwhile preaching love for all, and fighting to set the pet ones free.

A pig, is a cow, is a bear, is a boy, in our capacity to feel fear and pain,

Yet turn a blind eye is what you do, for taste and financial gain.

A need of greed, for speed, to succeed, for travel, cosmetics or taste,

Is paving the way to the end of my life. Listen to your hearts, compassion IS within you, don't let it go to waste.

I've spent my time breathing life into everything you see,

You're breaking me,

my breathing's short,

you'll be the death of me.

My fear is that you do not grasp the twisted, painful truth,

That in spite of all the life I gave,

when you kill me, you'll die too.

Yours, for now, Mother Earth

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