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Be The Change! (For Real!)

Imagine if everyone took action all at the same time and did something amazing solely to benefit someone else? What if people stopped being keyboard warriors and started being front line warriors? What if there was an easy way to stop people making excuses for volunteering and encourage them to make a difference? The world would be a better place that's what! Today is National Microvolunteering Day and we want EVERYONE we know to do something amazing and use the hashtag #MicroDay to share their experience. Take a look at the link below, (just click on the image) especially for your smartphone to make things super simple and allow people to choose from loads of things to do in less than ten minutes to make a massive difference - and if you can give more time than that check out the main website and see what's going on in your area! Please keep an eye out on our social media and make sure you share share share everything you can to get as many people involved as possible!


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