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Meet our Ambassadors

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce four wonderful and inspirational people joining the Tribe as our 'Tribe Elders'.

Now as you can see the title need not be taken literally - Annette, Wayne, Jenna And Matt have earned the title through their individual journeys, giving them the knowledge, experience and wisdom to reach the very top of their game in their respective industries.

Annette is an author, speaker and ex team GB martial arts champion giving her the perfect combination of skills to drive her current organisation, The Quantum Dojo forward.

Jane has been working with Annette for some years now and it's down to her unique blend of conscious leadership training and Quantum energy work that has given Art & Soul Tribe the indomitable spirit to move from its inception to the incredible organisation it is today.

Wayne is a TV and Radio presenter, Educator and is actively involved in both LGBTQ and Deaf communities, giving him the perfect skills and experience to play an integral role in our organisation.

Reaching his career goals at a young age Wayne has the passion and drive to make things happen. With two wonderful profoundly deaf parents, Wayne is trailblazing the way when it comes to sign language education and integration into mainstream society. His mission to get ASL on the curriculum is supported by Art & Soul Tribe and we're pushing the message forward at all of our shows and events.

Jane met Jenna a few years back on a female entrepreneur mentoring session at a school in Greater Manchester and was immediately inspired by Jenna's story. Her tenacity, vision and passion for her goals has made her break records by reaching untouched milestones at early ages, and have let her to become world champion in her field.

Overcoming the stigma of being the only girl in her area involved in inline skating she has shown the world that the only thing standing in the way of your dreams ...... is you. A perfect role model for all young people with big dreams, particularly girls we can't wait to work with Jenna and show that anything is possible when you have the indomitable spirit to succeed.

Matt Dowling started out as a fashion photographer, and after seeing a real problem of exploitation within the creative industry decided to set up The Freelancer Club with Model Nina Malone.

Aimed at generating paid work and support for freelancers, Matt and The Freelancer Club are supporting our Artists and projects.

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