Challenging Perceptions

Not one to shy away from the tricky subjects - I really wanted to push some boundaries and get down to the nitty gritty of what we percieve when presented with an image. I wanted to show that we are all guilty of making snap decisions and judgements on a daily basis when presented with visuals, be it an image in a magazine, a TV show or movie, or people in real life.

Touching on our LGBTQ awareness in this shoot we created an image of two, strong 'Alpha Males' in what looks like a scene with two straight men in a violent confrontation.

The contrasting image we created in juxtaposition contains the same two men, who were actually in a relationship, in a family picture with their young daughter, highlighting the crucially important current issue of gay marriage and adoption rights.

So what was your first judgement? Did you see the reality? Or were you caught up in what we wanted you to see?

Food for thought!

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