Body positivity is something I have been passionate about for a number of years now. I have always talked about the beauty of all different kinds of body shapes, and throughout my career have focussed on raising self esteem in everyone I come across.

This could be as a result of my background in the fashion industry, where I get to see the actual reality, and the journey that the mass produced images that are constantly churned out across our Magazines and TV's take from concept to distribution (and the often ridiculously misleading metamorphosis from regular human to total jaw dropping goddess)

It truly pains me to see women up and down the country take a hit to their self esteem every time they see the 'Ultimate Bikini Body' body and this seasons most 'beautiful' faces assaulting them 24 hours a day. No wonder our self esteem takes a hit every time we realise we cant possibly compare with these alien creatures from the planet perfect ............... wait ............... did I just say 'women'?!

- Well low self esteem, body anxieties and eating disorders are really just the plight of the female of the species are they not? Are they hell!

Why do we assume that we own the rights to these issues, and expect the guys to 'Man Up' (in the words of our friend Piers Morgan)

'Its just as hard to be Ken as it is to be Barbie'

In a world of bronzed gods with well oiled six packs and even shinier hair, seriously sheared and pruned beards, gym fiend muscles, year round tans and perfect dental work, the boys have it just as badly as we do!

The only difference is that they are ridiculed rather than encouraged to express their feelings. How crappy is that. Imagine feeling all of those low mood, inadequate, not good enough feelings but be in fear of ever talking about them or getting the support you so badly need.

Not any more boys. We have flown the flag for our lasses in the past, celebrating all different body shapes and sizes in all of their gorgeousness and now it's your turn.

I got together with a fantastic bunch of fellas who were brave enough to bare all in spite of their insecurities, in solidarity for their fellow men, to raise awareness and encourage others to celebrate their awsomeness and speak out if they're experiencing anxiety & depression.

You're not alone guys, and it's about time society realised that.


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