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Join the Tribe! Become an Art & Soul Patron!

.'Never Rely on Governments or Institutions to solve any major problems, real social change comes from the passion of individuals'

We need to grow and we need to grow BIG. We don't want to be just another charitable organisation taking handouts from endless grant applications - we want to support ourselves and our mission with our own business activity as much as possible so we can utilise our time and energy to the max, not with pages and pages of paperwork and red tape, but actually interacting with the public, spending time with kids in schools, and with our homeless on the streets, supporting animal shelters and soup kitchens with donations and man power. Creating powerful imagery and thought provoking shows and events. This is how WE KNOW we can make a difference.

We can't do this alone. WE NEED YOU. If every single person who sees this video becomes a Patron, we will be able to get into schools across the UK, produce shows at major festivals and events throughout the year, provide education material and help and support to those who need it most.

We are more than happy to do all of the hard work - we truly love it! We just need people power behind us to help keep us on track, make the right decisions, and stay true to our vision and mission.

Take a look at how you can get involved and what you can get back at

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