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Arielle really is a Firecracker! Internationally acclaimed and incredibly popular, she brings her own style to every event. Combining classic Burlesque with modern twists and unique choreography and styling each time she performs. One of our headline featured artists you can see her full profile above.

Jade is absolutely spellbinding to watch with her flips and splits, she effortlessly captures an audience and is a hit within our flashmobs as nobody expects her to bring out those skills! Headlining all of our emotive dance pieces within the show, Jade has been an essential part of the Tribe since she was 15.

Jynx is mesmerising to watch! An original Monster Cirque girl, she entertains our crowds with her unique and sultry mix of freak and flames! One of our headline featured artists, you can check out her full profile above.

Laura is our Chief Choreographer and brings her magic to each show. Performing everything from salsa to hiphop and of course her infamous flashmobs, she's one of our headline artists and you can view her full profile above.

Lyndsay often produces her own events and ran her Saltwater Poetry nights for sometime before moving on to pastures new. She writes so beautifully and engages the audience from the moment she starts to speak with her emotive pieces. She also writes custom pieces and provides consultancy for creatives.

Kirsten brings her awesome hoop and skills, with her business Stay Beautiful Performances to all of our shows. Opening some of our bigger shows with her team, she's a wiz with creative choreography ideas and specialises in private and corporate events. One of our headline featured performers you can see her full profile above.

Tori is our most versatile performer, from hosting and greeting to ballet, contemporary and modern dance pieces, choreographing some main elements in our show, she if often seen in opening numbers and finales with her fire and aerial skills and also presents some of our pieces with her fantastic writing skills. She is one of our headline featured artists so you can view her full profile above.

Tempesta are truly magical to watch! a Female & Male team providing dance pieces for shows and events focussed on body positivity and expression.

Becca has been with us rocking the runway for the past year and has some seriousk hoop and fire skills! Her LED Hoop is something to behold! One of our headline featured artists you can see her full profile above.

Maddie specialises in modern, contemporary and Jazz and performs with us regularly. Partner in crime of Jade Contini you can quite often find the two together in some fantastic routines!

Kitty is a regular opener for our show, often found at events and large festivals across the country - she is a wiz with the flames and has all the tricks!

Becky is simply stunning on the pole. With mesmerising and gravity defying tricks and moves and beautiful choreography. Becky competes in her field and has won several competitions so we're really proud to have her in The Tribe!

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