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Key Moments Photography & Events


Hello everyone my name is Lorraine Hinks, I am based in Middleton which is North Manchester and I'm a pro photographer and also run a photography workshop group and I now run events. 

I have been a photographer for five years now, mainly shooting Wedding, Christenings and Portrait shoots and have run my group for just over a year, building up a membership of 28 photographers so far, I plan mainly themed groupshoots which are either in the studio or on location, day trips, I also have guest speakers and hold a monthly meetup.  

I recently started organising events, this year I am holding a wedding fayre, comic con and also looking to hold a conference with a charity called White Ribbon UK around supporting woman through domestic abuse. Next year I will be planning a big weekend photography show called 'Through The Looking Glass'

You can check out my work and upcoming events on my FB pages here:

Key Moments Photography

Key Moments Events

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