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Burlesque, Fire & Snake charmer


Arielle is a highly sought after Burlesque Artist & Performer with a wide variety of skills and talents. Regarded in her field as a “Rising Legend” she can be found up and down the country gracing some of the hottest and best cabaret venues around.

Arielle is a Neo-Burlesque beauty that brings classic burlesque to a new audience. Mixing the artform with more modern techniques and styles, your audiences and guests will be wooed and wowed.

Arielle has a wide catalogue of acts so can be booked at short notice (subject to availability) or if you have something special in mind, get in touch for a bespoke performance just for your event.

Arielle Firecracker really sets herself from the crowd as she is also a real life snake charmer! With her snakey side kicks, Dita Von Hisss, Julius Squeezer, William Snakespear and David Hisslehoff, your guests will be thrilled and you will be the talk of the town for years to come! She also offers a snake meet and greet so you can get your snelfies! - you and your guests can meet and hold the snakes, as well as seeing them perform on stage.

(Arielle has been a reptile keeper for over 10 years and all snakes are her pets, so you can be sure you (and they) are in safe hands.)

Want to know why we call her a Firecracker? Well let Arielle light up your world and bring some danger and drama (well implied danger!) to your event.

She is a fully trained and insured fire performer with fans, wands and poi. Training with worldwide renowned Stay Beautiful Performances, Arielle can offer solo or group performances along with her burlesque or showgirl acts. If the fire is a little too hardcore for your audience and you are after something a little more subtle and classical, Arielle also offers a classic burlesque routine to the music of your choice along with a classic showgirl walkabout/meet and greet with full showgirl outfits and headdresses. Perfect for high brow functions, corporate events and New Years Eve Parties.

All skills and choreographed pieces are available for corporate events, weddings, parties, festivals, music videos & events, with brand new and exclusive choreography and costumes, Arielle is one of our most popular Artists so get in touch today!

FB: Arielle Firecracker

Instagram: @ariellefirecracker

Twitter: @arielle_fire

Arielle Firecracker: Service
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