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Tribe Creatives

All of our creative professionals are highly regarded and experienced in their given fields, but most importantly to us share the same values, ethics and vision as our organisation.

We encourage you to take a look at their profiles and get in touch directly to book.

Fire Tiv 2.jpg

Vicki 'Silver' Smith  

 (Tori Silver)

Chief Choreographer, Performer & Model

Fb: Victoria Kathryn Silver Smith

Instagram: @victoriasilver

Vicky has a beautiful and unique style, from En Pointe ballet to emotional theatre performance pieces and everything in between. 

She puts every ounce of thought and energy into everything she does and specialises in choreographing our key pieces, planning running orders and keeping things running smoothly on show days!

Vicky is also an accomplished artist and an amazing writer with her 'Silver Scriptures' blog


Kitty Devereux

Fire Performer

FB: Kitty Devereux

Instagram: @kittydevereux

Kitty is an experienced fire performer with an arsenal of skills under her belt.

She can often be found gracing the stages at the likes of Download and Bloodstock festivals with her awsome baton skills and is also a published and well respected Alternative model.


Jasmine Barnett
(Jynx Monster)

Fire & Freak Show Performer, Alternative & Mainstream Model

FB: Jasmine Barnett Model

FB: Jynx Monster

Instagram: @jynxmonster

Jasmine is a highly experienced mainstream and alternative model as well as being a multi skilled fire and freak show performer.

From body burning to angle grinding, and from glass eating to machete and nail beds, all with Jasmines signature sultry vibe.

Like Vicky, Jasmine is also a member of Monster Cirque.

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Becky Wiseman

Pole Performer

FB: Becky Wiseman-Pole Performer

Becky is spellbinding to watch. Graceful and elegant with a quiet strength that matches her character.

She is a competitive, champion pole performer with some fabulous routines in her repetoire as well as her effortless freestyle technique.

Melissa 2.jpg

Melissa La Lucy

Pinup/Alternative Model & Pole Performer

FB: Melissa La Lucy - Model

Instagram: @melissa_la_lucy     

Melissa is a highly experienced professional model specialising in Pinup and Alternative work but equally at home in a mainstream fashion setting.

Melissa can also be found in all kinds of gravity defying positions in her pole dancing environment.


Arielle Firecracker

Burlesque Artist, Fire Performer, Snake Charmer, Model

FB: Arielle Firecracker

Instagram: @ariellefirecracker

Arielle is a highly sought after Burlesque Artist & Performer with a wide variety of skills and talents.

Available for corporate events, weddings, parties, festivals, music videos & events, with brand new and exclusive choreography and costumes, as well as snakey sidekick 'Dita Von Hiss', Arielle is one of our most popular Artists

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Kirsten Colley

Hoop & Fire performer & instructor

Website: www,

FB: Kirsten Colley

Kirsten is a highly experienced and incredibly talented performer who owns Stay Beautiful Performances, one of our partner organisations.

Kirsten is available as a model & performer and can also provide a troupe of fire/hoop performers, choreographed for your event entertainment.

DEvon 3.JPG

Devon Edward Motte

FB: Devon Edward Motte

Instagram: Devon Motte

Devon is a 23 year old Florida native and establishd model.

Studying a joint honours degree in Business & Philosophy, Devon volunteers his catwalk and editorial skills to Alternative Fashion Fest and we just adore him!



Stephen Higginson


FB: Stephen Higginson

Instagram: Mrstephenhigginson

Stephen has been with Alternative Fashion Fest from the very first show and can be seen on Good Morning Britain following our Male Body Image campaign.

Pro freelance model and yummy mummy to Lily the Beagle.

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Laura Williams

Choreographer, Performer & Creative Director

FB: Dance All Out

From individual performances and tuition to full 

choreography, flashmobs, themed pieces and backstage management.

Laura is in high demand for corporate and private events, seminars, international dance congress and music videos. 

2016-09-08 12.01.08.jpg

Katey Burke

Mainstream & Alternative Model

FB: Katey Elizabeth

Katey has taken part in many photoshoots and runway events both as a mainstream and alternative model.

She is also our very own 'Mother Earth', running The Starfish Project helping the homeless and educating the public on environmental and animal welfare issues.


Viv Voy Yeur

Alternative, Pinup & Fetish Model

FB: Viv Voy Yeur

Instagram: @viv_voyeur

Viv is an experienced model linked to brands such as Poisonous Pinups Magazine, Latex Leather and LacePinups Against Bullying

She is also one of the volunteers running our mental health support group, The Black Dog Project

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Becca Smoosh

Hoop & Fire Performer

FB: Becca Smoosh

Becca works as a model and performer at Alternative Fashion Fest and is a member of Stay Beautiful Performances 

She specialises in multi-hoop performing as well as fire tricks.


Lady Leigh

Drag Artist & Alternative Model

FB: Leigh Smith

Instagram: @ladyleighladette

Lady Leigh has more attitude, glamour and sass in her little finger than the rest of us have put together! She is fierce, fabulous and famous for her super fit acrobatics including spins and death drops!


Susey Phoenixx

Plus Size Fashion Designer & Alternative Model

FB: Susey Phoenixx

FB: Phoenixx Designs UK


Susey is a highly regarded plus size fashion designer, artist & alternative model.

She showcases her awsome latex creations at AFF shows and lso produces jewellery, textiles and sculptures and runs creative workshops

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Marie Claire Ashcroft

Personal coach, Event Photographer & Alternative Model

FB: Marie-Claire Ashcroft

Marie-Claire is our very own 'Professional Rebel', with a whole host of skills from her inspirational Unicorn Club, pro event photography and of course her sassy, bootylicious catwalk skills!


Nick Gregory

Host, Radio DJ, Voiceover Artist & Model

This is your Service Description. Use this space to explain this service in more detail.


Lyndsay Price

Spoken Word artist, Model &
Art & Soul Poet Laureate

This is your Service Description. Use this space to explain this service in more detail.

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The Quantum Dojo
The Freelancer Club
Dance All Out
The Bellissimo Belles
Hermans Amazing Haircolours
Girl Dancing Shoes
Youth Dance Group
Young Ballerina
Quantum dojo 2.jpg

The Quantum Dojo

High performance conscious leadership for creative entrepreneurs.


The Freelancer Club

Support for Creative freelancers

Dance All Out Logo.jpg

Dance All Out

Choreography & Performance

Our Artists: Service

James Millar

Technical Director

FB: James Millar

James is our resident expert on all things sound, lighting and stage management.

Extremely skilled and experienced in live event production, James and his tech team are the guys who make our shows look so awsome!


Callum Bellis

Sound/Lighting Engineer

Cal is our resident sound & lighting guy, working with James to create truly memorable live shows for Alternative Fashion Fest.


Chris Rodgers

DJ & Music Producer

Chris has extensive background and profile within the music industry, working internationally throughout his career as a live DJ and music producer.

Working as part of the tech team, Chris is Alternative Fashion Fests live show DJ.

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DJ Nebzi

DJ & Sound/lighting tech

FB: DJ Nebzi

Ben Reece Jones is a wizard when it comes to all things music & lighting. Always playing around with mood enhancing haze machines and UV lighting to make our shows look extra special and run like clockwork.

Highly recommended for any party, event or show.

gracie fozzy 1.png

Gracie Bellis

Youth Model

Gracie is a member of our youth tribe, and can be found dancing and performing regularly at our shows and events and is available for extra and fashion work.

ruby fozzy 2.png

Ruby Bellis

Youth Model

Ruby is a member of our Youth Tribe and can be seen on stage dnacing and performing at all of our shows.

She is available for extra and fashion work.

Our Artists: Service
2016-06-30 19.06.39.jpg

Jane Bellis

Creative Director, Events Specialist, Speaker, Educator, & Artist.

FB: Jane Bellis

Instagram: @janebellissimo

Twitter: @janebellissimo

Tribe Chief Jane is available for private bookings as Creative Director, Event manager, Speaker or Educator, and of course is also available to book as Creative Hair & Makeup Artist for your shoot, show or event.

2015-07-05 16.44.48.jpg

Art & Soul Media Team

Event & Corporate Videography

Our media team are available for corporate and private events as well as fashion events, festivals, short films and artist showreels.


Art & Soul Hair & Makeup Team

Fashion, Editorial & Events Hair & Makeup

Our Hair & Makeup Team are available for fashion shows and editorial shoots as well as corporate & private parties and events.

You can book a single artist or a small or large team depending on your needs

Our Artists: Service

John Bird

Videographer & Social Media expert

Facebook: John Bird

Instagram: @johnbirdmedia

Twitter: @johnbirdmedia

Youtube: Johnbirdmedia

Alongside our Art & Soul Media team we have John covering several events as well as his youtube channel which coveres lots of subjects within our LGBTQ community.


David Webb

Photographer & Reiki Practitioner

FB: David Webb


As well as covering many of our shows and shoots with his beautiful work, David is also the calming influence on the tribe with his fantastic energy healing skills.


Zara Abraham

Mua/Special Effects Artist/Supporting Actress

FB: Zara Abraham

Twitter: @ZaraAbrahamMua

Instagram: ZaraAbraham

Zara is a highly talented makeup & special effects artist as well as an experienced support actress.

She can be found on set with celebrities across the UK when she's not backstage working her magic at AFF shows.

Our Artists: Service
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