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Miss-Chief & Miss Firecracker

Jane & Lindy have a wealth of experience within fashion, beauty, performance and media and are on a mission to lead the ever growing tribe to undo all of the negativity and damage caused by todays society, bringing a much welcome and overdue breath of fresh air with their no nonsence dose of reality to uncover and challenge all that is manipulated and warped in the media. 

The 'Self-Esteem Dream Team' say:

"We want people to stop benchmarking their own lives by other peoples highlights show-reels and  be a little kinder to themselves and to each other. We see a tremendous amount of beauty in people, and that comes in all sorts of different forms -  it's so sad when people don't see how brightly their own light is shining because they are too dazzled by everyone elses" 

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Tribe Chiefs: TeamMember
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