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Operations Director

Lindsey is the brains of the operation. A multi-skilled performer and designer with a strong background in fashion, she originally became involved as The opening designer at the very first Alternative Fashion Fest show. 

She immediately saw an opportunity to showcase her diverse range of skills, and as a natural leader, quickly became the no nonsense, work hard -play hard 'people manager' as the organisation grew.

Lindy and Laura both realised that they were in exactly the right place at the right time with the same vision & values and so Lindy naturally fell into the role of Operations Director as Art & Soul Tribe was formed.

The trio consider themselves to be 'Soul Sisters' and can regularly be found with their heads together scheming and plotting their next phase of operation 'Make the world a better place'

As an Artist in her own right Lindy is a well respected fire performer and her burlesque performances as alter ego 'Arielle Firecracker' are something to behold!

She can also regularly be found backstage (when she's not shouting orders) showcasing her Makeup Artistry and Stylist skills.

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Lindsey Witkowska: Event
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